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Posted on Jan 8, 2014 | 1 comment

Apothic Dark – Red Blend


Apothic Dark

Apothic Dark
Limited Release
Red Blend

Neal – There are three elements; mocha, berry, and sour. The nose is all sour though.

Kelly – I think it’s good. A little berry, kind of sweet, not very dry.

Neal – It has mellowed, the three elements have meshed, and the nose is still overpowering.

Kelly – I don’t think it’s anything special. Not horrible.

Rating: It’s like the obnoxious cousin of the girl you like, full of herself but not worth your time. (2 stars)

$8.99 at Smith’s


1 Comment

  1. I was excited to see the new Apothic, but was sadly disappointed. Definitely the ugly stepsister.

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