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This blog has come together because, like many of you, I hate drinking bad wine. More importantly, I hate drinking bad wine twice. I decided it would be a good idea to write down what I, and those with me, thought about the wines we drank. I have been doing it now, adding to my “book”, for over 14 years. Finally, after friendly prodding and the advent of blogging, I have decided to do something with the information. I’m not a wine expert by any means. I just enjoy wine, have a limited budget, and enjoy scathing commentary. Think of me as the that guy at your work that drinks a lot of wine, gives you a recommendation for a $9 cab, and lo-and-behold it doesn’t suck. The reviews are colorful and often mean if need be (and believe me, some need to be). So if you’re looking for eloquent reviews that make every wine seem not just drinkable but life altering experiences, look elsewhere. Brutal honesty thou art my companion. I hope this helps you when trying to get a decent red for cheap on your way to a party. I hope this entertains you. I hope this inspires you to journal your own tastings. Most of all, I hope this keeps you, and me, from drinking any shitty wines more than once.

Thanks for reading.

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