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There are review posts and posts that are more like musings. The “musings” posts will likely showcase some of my biases and opinions as well as announcements if changes to the blog are going to occur. The review post format will have an initial comment from each person participating (whomever we happen to have for dinner most likely). Then there’s a second comment, usually during the second glass. The rating is my summation of our opinion of the wine, though it will invariably lean towards my opinion I am influenced by the group. The star value is between 0 and 5 stars and I will categorize the 4-5 star posts as well. This way, if you want to view all of the 4-5 star postings you can filter it by that. I will also categorize the reviews by varietal (type of wine) and tag with the names of the people that commented. If you wanted to see all of the chardonnay posts or all of the reviews that Kelly commented on (which would be most as she’s my wife) you can do that as well. Since there are categories and subcategories you can control your level of filtering the reviews. You can look at the reviewer page and then if your tastes seem to coincide with theirs you can click on their tag and see all the reviews they participated in on Gd. Ultimately I would like to include a sortable spreadsheet so you can quickly get to useful information on your smartphone while in the wine aisle. Maybe one day I’ll make a Gd app, that would be cool!

Here’s a five star review banner (which doesn’t happen too often).

MusingBannerHere’s the banner for “musing” posts.

Here’s the banner for older reviews. I have some reviews dating back to when I didn’t use a star rating and the bottle year is as old as 1999 which means (in wines under $10 speak) that it was purchased between 2000 and 2002 since most bottles of inexpensive wines that you see on the shelf are 2 – 3 years old. Consequently I am going to give this “Old School Review” label to all wines that are labeled 2007 or earlier. I feel the information is still valid but all these wines can change by a star (and rarely two) between years due to the crop of grapes or decisions made when making them.

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