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Making of a logo

While I have both a graphic design and computing background, my design mojo is distinctly “old school”. When I was relating how I produced my logo to a colleague they suggested I put the process into the blog.

The concept started when I saw a wine bar’s use of a wine stain in their menu. It had a dynamic feel to it and I immediately thought of using it to form the “G” for “Gainfully drunk”. When my wife finally said, “just do it already” (referring to the blog, *ahem). I got out a bottle of red wine, poured some into a shallow bowl, dipped the bottle in and started making prints of it. I had already sketched some small ideas of how I wanted the logo to end up, but I wanted a natural path to the final graphic. Next I traced parts of two stains to form the one that I liked enough to use.

After searching online I found a decent representation of a typewriter font (as I had it in my head that a sloppy old typewriter look to the word drunk was the only thing that would work). Using that as an idea I was ready to get this going.

Transferring the tracing of the wine stain “G” to a sheet of watercolor paper, I used some watercolor (Alizarin Crimson I believe) to paint my finalized G. Using the printed alphabet as a reference I drew the “drunk” with a fine-point marker (Staedtler “Lumocolor” markers are awesome!).

Having the two parts of my logo finished I then took a high resolution picture of each and transferred them to my computer. Using Fireworks I joined them together to form the finished logo (taking care to match up the watercolor paper lines that showed up in the digital images, that’s why the logo looks a bit gray in the background. If you squint you can see the texture which I like).

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