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Wines pricey

Any wine over $20 is pricey in my book but you won’t see one in here that’s over $60 because where would I be getting that kind of money? I did want to highlight some really good wines in this higher price point because if you’re going to spend that kind of green you want to make sure you’re getting your liver’s worth.


Rombauer Chardonnay from Carneros, CA (around $30): This chardonnay is amazing! Buttery goodness in every drop and I have yet to have an off bottle or glass.




Ideology Blondie Chardonnay from Oak Knoll in Napa Valley, California (around $25-$30): This is another mouthwateringly buttery Chardonnay from California. It’s amazing and if you can get it substantially cheaper than Rombauer it’s even more amazing. I first had this at a tasting for my birthday and I haven’t forgotten it since. A great find!





Rombauer Zinfandel from Napa Valley, CA (around $30): The first time I had this was with a great steak at The Tillerman in Las Vegas (sadly that fine establishment has closed its doors, damn you recession!) and I thought that meal could not be beaten by anything in the world. I literally kept making weird mewling noises of taste bud pleasure. I have heard their Merlot single-handedly rescues the bad name of “Merlot”. I feel like this vineyard just can’t miss.

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