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Neal – While I have a pretty broad palate, I really enjoy buttery chardonnay, red zin, and spicy reds. Sweet, white wines are good sometimes too but I won’t drink anything pink.

Kelly – I am fairly easy to please but like my wine on the sweeter side. I tend to gravitate towards rieslings and enjoy most moscato d’asti’s. I like red zinfindels, red blends, and have been known to enjoy the cab.

MarkC – Before the 70’s, most of the world thought California wine was of poor quality grown by hick farmers. Now the Napa Valley is distinguished if not legendary. My point is there is a lot of pretense surrounding wine. Just drink whatever brings a smile to your face. For me, that’s mostly big reds. Cabs, Malbecs, and Syrahs are my favorites. They seem to have my tongue’s dance card.

Jessica – I’m a cute, sassy blonde who likes all wines. I wouldn’t consider myself “moody,” but my feelings at any given time dictate my preference. If my husband is making me frustrated, I like ALL varieties, and keep the glass full, dammit! All wines make me sleepy. I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere, including on Neal and Kelly’s comfy couch.

PG – I like wines that taste like mature, single malt scotch. When I can’t find those, I will settle for a round, buttery Chardonnay. I may even settle for a Sauvignon Blanc or a Gewurztraminer if dessert hasn’t been served. I do not favor the sweaty sock punch to the face of a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, but will delight in a balanced Malbec or Pinot Noir.

MarcS – Cabs are my favorite with the really oaky barrel taste. I like Pinot Noirs and some of these new red blends, they’re yummy. I like red Zins. I’m not a fan of whites but I’ll take a sip of Chardonnay… just a sip.

Ceci – I like dry, rich wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon and some red blends. No sweet white wines. No sweet at all.

Michael – Generally anything red gets the job done. Unsophisticated palate for an unsophisticated man but a good cab can punch me in my happy place.

Annie – I will drink a glass of white wine on occasion on a hot hot summer day, otherwise, red please!

David – I am a wine drinker by day and a wine reviewer by night. I enjoy wine that has a well-mannered taste as opposed to wine that tastes like it can remove the paint from a car.

Manuela – I do not like white wine.

Dan – I find myself attracted to a  smooth Bourbon on the rocks.    When that day comes  I  will dazzle you with my brilliance and baffle ye with my bullshit on the type of wine I prefer.

Jen – I go through phases.  Right now I love Cabernet.  I get caught up in the artwork of the labels, though…. Sooo…  my most favorite thing with wine right now is a great tasting Cabernet with a cool looking label.  I buy six packs of 14 Hands Cab.

Cory – I enjoy a nice earthy red and, if the mood is right, can be seduced by a softly sweet Riesling.

JoAnna – I like them sweet and avoid dry wines at all costs. This means I tend to go with whites, blushes and anything recommended by my husband.





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